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Norwalk Police Emerald Society


The Norwalk Police Emerald Society (NPES) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization established in 2015. Newly founded, the NPES intends on becoming the largest Fairfield County Police Emerald Society, and the only Fairfield County Emerald Society recognized by the National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Societies. The Society consists of active and retired Police Officers, Dispatchers, Firefighters, and Paramedics. The Society was established with 7 objectives:

  1. To preserve and promote Irish heritage, history, and culture
  2. To develop a spirit of comradery and fellowship amongst its members and award recognition
  3. To encourage a fuller participation in the activities of organizations for the good and welfare of the relationship between police and communities
  4. To uphold and defend the constitution of the United States and the State of Connecticut
  5. Whenever possible, assist members and their families in times of need
  6. To establish and promote the “City of Norwalk St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  7. To endorse and support the Norwalk Police Emerald Society Pipe Band

Although we are centrally located in Norwalk, the Society represents law enforcement agencies throughout Fairfield County.  Membership is welcomed from all rank and file.

  1. Regular Member – Any active or retired federal, local, or state sworn police officer who is at least ¼ Irish by birth or descent.
  2. Associate Member – Any active or retired federal, local, or state sworn Police Officer, Emergency Dispatcher, Paramedic, or Firefighter approved by the Executive Board.
  3. Honorary Member – Any individual nominated by the Executive Board
  4. Lifetime Member – A member in good standing of the NPES for twenty continuous years, or a member on the Board for at least ten years.

Yearly dues are $104 and for 2016, will cover until July of 2017. Yearly Meetings and Locations will be announced. Events include:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Parades
  • Annual Family Picnic
  • Miscellaneous Events